“I have personally worked with Jose Benavides and JLB Traffic Engineering, Inc. (JLB) for 3 years on over 15 projects. JLB always provides timely responses and is quick to notify us of any special requirements that are a result of the completed traffic study. Jose is very mindful of his client while addressing municipality needs. He provides that perfect balance which is why I consider JLB one of the best traffic engineering firms I have ever had the pleasure to work with in my 19 years of Project Management. I would highly recommend anyone, whether your project is large or small, to use Jose and his team at JLB Traffic Engineering, Inc. for your next job.”

Eric Gibbons
Land Development Manager, Granville Homes

“Jose has worked on several projects for the County in a design capacity as well as performing various traffic studies and analysis. Jose has even served as a Spanish language interpreter for a recent public meeting regarding a high profile Safe Routes to School project in Kettleman City. Jose has performed all of these tasks in a thorough and professional manner, adhering to budget and scheduling constraints. When the County has traffic engineering needs, Jose and his firm, JLB Traffic Engineering, Inc., are of the first that come to mind. I would not hesitate to retain JLB Traffic Engineering, Inc. for any and all traffic signal design, pedestrian crossings, speed surveys, traffic study, warrant analysis, or any other traffic related scope of work.”

Dominic Tyburski, P.E.
Chief Engineer, Kings County Public Works Department

“The City has contracted for services in the past with Mr. Benavides while he was employed with a different firm. As our assigned project lead, Mr. Benavides did an outstanding job. He assisted in the preparation of an area-wide traffic study, performed warrant and signal needs assessments, assisted in the preparation of plans for signal intersection improvement projects and assisted in evaluating other project specific traffic impacts. His approach was always comprehensive and his recommendations and suggestions were focused on finding solutions that could be implemented. Currently, the City has a contract with JLB Traffic Engineering, Inc. for engineering and project management services for a new signal intersection improvement project. We are discussing their involvement with project design and engineering for a future traffic synchronization project and other needs that we have. We intend to continue to utilize their expertise and services for our needs as often as possible.”

Scott McBride
Community Development Director, City of Atwater

“Jose has prepared or managed the preparation of most of the traffic impact analysis reports for our company since 2008. I have always known him to be professional, personable, knowledgeable and helpful. Jose Benavides and his firm, JLB Traffic Engineering, Inc., have a good working relationship with government agency personnel in the area and are well-respected. Their work is complete, thorough, on time and presented in well-formatted and readable reports. I plan to continue to use Jose and his firm, JLB Traffic Engineering, Inc., for our company’s work whenever possible. I highly recommend Jose Benavides and JLB Traffic Engineering, Inc. for all of your traffic engineering needs.”

Scott B. Odell, AICP
President, Odell Planning & Research, Inc.

“I have known Jose Benavides for more than seven years, first as a colleague working in the same office, then at a regional planning agency forecasting future traffic volumes through transportation modeling. Over this period of time, I am thoroughly impressed by Jose’s excellent work ethic, professionalism and solid traffic engineering knowledge base. Over the years, Jose built a good working relationship with a multitude of clients and various public agencies throughout the region. He is very well-respected by his fellow transportation professionals reviewing his high-quality work, be it a thorough traffic impact study or a complicated signal design. His high standard is shown in the accurately defined scope of work, thorough yet clear modeling request, and well-devised mitigation measures, which greatly facilitate local agencies’ review process and in turn save client’s valuable time and money. I would recommend JLB Traffic Engineering, Inc. based on their impeccable quality of work, abundance of experience and broad transportation knowledge base.”

Kai Han, T.E.
Senior Regional Planner, Fresno Council of Governments