Clinton Avenue at Fowler Avenue - City of Fresno

Geometric Approval Drawing

JLB Traffic Engineering, Inc. (JLB) was retained by the Fowler Development Company, Inc. to prepare a Geometric Approval Drawing (GAD) for the intersection of Clinton Avenue and Fowler Avenue located in southeast Fresno. Mr. Jose Luis Benavides, P.E. was the project manager and traffic engineer of record on this project.

The GAD for this project extended to the following intersection limits: 550 feet on Fowler Avenue south of Clinton Avenue, 600 feet on Clinton Avenue east and west of Fowler Avenue and 200 feet on Fowler Avenue north of Clinton Avenue.

Reasons for the preparation of the Clinton Avenue and Fowler Avenue GAD included the following: 1) Clinton Avenue has not been desinged or built to the City of Fresno typical collector street cross section, 2) design of the intersection required the approval of both the City and County of Fresno and 3) our client desired to first obtain consensus on the roadway geometrics before roadway improvement and traffic signal plans were prepared.

The Clinton Avenue at Fowler Avenue GAD included sufficient details for the future right-of-way as well as the future roadway improvements including but not limited to providing geometric approval level geometrics that included a conceptual pavement delineation plan including striping and pavement markings, lengths of turn pockets, lane widths, bike lane locations and widths, layout of striped median islands, sidewalk patterns and curb returns.