Clinton Avenue at Temperance Avenue - City and County of Fresno

Traffic Signal Design

JLB Traffic Engineering, Inc. (JLB) was retained by Harbour & Associates to design traffic signal plans for the intersection of Clinton Avenue and Temperance Avenue. Mr. Jose Luis Benavides, P.E. was the project manager and traffic engineer of record on this project. This project included the design of traffic signals and assistance with the PG&E electrical point of service.

The first phase of the scope of work included utility coordination and signal phasing based on signing and striping plans provided to JLB by Harbour & Associates. As the project required that all major signal equipment be eligible for a construction fee credit by the City of Fresno, all major signal equipment was designed to be at its ultimate location per the City’s Circulation Element. JLB assisted Harbour & Associates in determining the right-of-way required to ensure that the design met the latest ADA requirements for the placement of signal equipment relative to ADA ramps and crosswalks.

The Plans, Specifications and Estimates (PS&E) Package for the traffic signal was prepared in accordance with the City and County of Fresno guidelines and was approved in April of 2015. JLB also provided bidding and construction support. The project was successfully constructed in mid-2016 and is currently operational.

JLB’s scope of work included the following:

  • Designing traffic signals to ultimate intersection geometrics
  • Identifying utility conflicts
  • Assisting Harbour & Associates with identification of required right-of-way
  • Coordinating the PG&E Rule 16 application
  • Submitting 60%, 90% and final traffic signal PS&E
  • Providing bidding and construction support