Fancher Creek Drive - City of Fresno

Geometric Approval Drawing

JLB Traffic Engineering, Inc. (JLB) was retained by Fancher Creek Properties, LLC to prepare a Geometric Approval Drawing (GAD) for Fancher Creek Drive located between Fowler Avenue and Armstrong Avenue in southeast Fresno. Mr. Jose Luis Benavides, P.E. was the project manager and traffic engineer of record on this project. Three conceptual alignments were prepared for consideration.

Reasons for the preparation of the Fancher Creek Drive GAD included the following: 1) design of a roadway that promotes traffic calming and deters speeding, 2) design that minimizes the amount of right-of-way required, 3) significantly reduces the roadway construction costs, 4) reduces the length of the required bridge over the Fancher Creek waterway and 5) increases the amount of developable land thus increasing the tax base to support the construction of Fancher Creek Drive between Fowler Avenue and Armstrong Avenue.

The proposed alignments took into consideration previously approved subdivision maps, existing developments, multiple property owners, and existing roadways to be connected to Fancher Creek Drive. Also, the alignments sought to minimize the potential for impacts to the Fancher Creek waterway at the bridge crossing location. The Fancher Creek Drive GAD included sufficient details for the future right-of-way as well as the future roadway improvements including but not limited to providing geometric approval level geometrics that included a conceptual pavement delineation plan with striping and pavement markings, lengths of turn pockets, lane widths, bike lane locations and widths, layout of striped median islands, sidewalk patterns and curb returns.