Hageman Road at Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad - Kern County

Grade Separation

While with another consulting firm, Mr. Jose Luis Benavides, P.E. was the project manager and traffic engineer of record who conducted a traffic operational analysis and design for the grade separation project of Hageman Road at Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway at-grade crossing in Kern County. The analysis included the preparation of a Plans, Specifications, and Estimates (PS&E) Package for three new traffic signals, traffic signal interconnect, street lighting and a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) for detour of traffic roadway closures during construction.

The three new traffic signals were for the intersections of Hageman Road at Santa Fe, Hageman Road at Allen Road, and Allen Road at Santa Fe (new intersection). The three new signalized intersections, their connecting roadways, and two bridges were part of Kern County’s Prop 1B funded railroad grade separation project. The TMP involved the full closure of Hageman Road and Allen Road during construction. The signal timing phasing plans of the signals were set up to maximize the effective green time while minimizing the number of traffic conflicting points at the intersections. The TMP and the Final PS&E for the signals, street lighting, and signal interconnect was completed in October of 2010. The construction was completed in late 2012.

The project’s scope of work included the following:

  • Designing Traffic Signal Phasing
  • Identifying Utility Conflicts
  • Providing Voltage Drop Calculations between PG&E Points of Service and Kern County’s Electrical Service Panels
  • Submitting 65%, 95% and Final PS&E
  • Providing Bidding and Construction Support